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Modular Homes

Modular Homes by Select Homes are built to exceed local and state building codes and  are available in hundreds of different floor plans.  One of our professional associates will help you choose the right floor plan to fit your property, budget and your needs.  You may also choose the desired ceiling height, roof pitch, and options you would like included such as appliance upgrades, fireplace and optional doors and windows.  You may also customize your home with choices of floor covering, cabinets, countertops, shingles, shutters, siding, porches and steps.

Beginning with the foundation, Select Homes are built better than the local building code requires.  True Modular is our trademark.  It was intended to mean all differences from site built homes are improvements.  Many appraisers and lenders tell people that true modular means off-frame or off-carrier and that is true, although it's not the entire story.

Select Homes began selling modular homes in Asheboro in 1984.  We would buy homes that were ordered by customers who, for whatever reason could not take delivery, and sell them at a discount.  They were then delivered factory direct.  That is where the name, Factory Model Center, as many people remember Select, came from.  Eventually  many people started showing up at the factory wanting the same deal as their friend or neighbor, so we built the factory model center.

Modular Home Sales Locations

We have now grown to 17 locations with over 70 models on display, all air conditioned in the summer and Heated in the Winter for your comfort.  We understand how difficult it can be to decide on a home by just looking at a floor plan and we want you to be able to see what you are investing in.  After all, a home is one of the biggest investments you make in your life.

Select Homes has the largest display of Modular Homes in the Nation with homes displayed on 17 locations in North Carolina and South Carolina.  Plus, many new plans may be toured at the factory.  For Factory Tours call 1-800-Factory.

Select associates are accessible by cell phone and/or email which may found on our Model Center Locations page.

Most homes built by Select Homes are immediately worth considerably more than they cost.  This can be done because of the volume of homes we build.  The overhead costs of doing business such as insurance are spread over a larger number of homes than a local site builder is able to.  We also employ a minimum layer of management, only enough to properly oversee your construction project.

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