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Williamsburg Cape
2,000 sf floor space
3 Bedrooms 2 Bath Finished
700 sf unfinished to create
your own space!

Cape Cod - Bonus Room
3 bedroom, 2 bath
On Sale - Save $30,000 this month

Modular Home Outlet

Modular Home Outlet is a name derived from the history of Select Homes, Inc. In 1984 the factories had display model homes at the plant that were used for modular home dealer shows. Select would purchase the homes at a huge discount and pass that discount along to you. They became known as the factory outlet. Select Homes would sell those homes by appointment, and often give a factory tour. Select Homes had no modular home display model centers at that time. Just an office on Fayetteville Street in Asheboro, NC. Select would also sell homes the factory had built for customers who canceled or dealers who couldn't take delivery of the home for a number of reasons, again buying at a discount and passing the savings along to you.

Modular Home Outlet locations

Customers often did their own foundations in 1984 and Select provided the delivery from the factory, set, finish, and service of the home. This worked well in many cases because the customer had family and friends that could help with footings, foundation, steps, decks, garages, and driveway. Today Select can do the whole job or still work with you on parts of the project you would like to do yourself. Either way, when you purchase your home from the Select Homes Modular Home Outlet, your home is delivered direct from the factory at the best price possible.

Select has grown by aquiring several companies since 1984 and saved hundreds of North Carolina jobs, acquiring employees, land, and model homes, to grow to 18 modular home outlets in North Carolina and South Carolina by 2011, when Select Homes, Inc. had 18 model centers and 70 display model homes.

Today Select Homes, Inc., the Modular Home Outlet is still delivering factory direct homes as efficiently as possible, striving to make your home affordable. Now downsizing from 18 model centers to save overhead, and concentrating on the latest floor plans and standards, still passing the savings on to you.

The Modular Home Outlet is a place you can come and feel at home. We provide a relaxed comfortable atmosphere with no pressure, and climate controlled homes for you to tour at your leisure.

True Modular™ Home

Modular Home

True Modular Home was trademarked when Bill Loflin realized the difference between his homes and his competitors and site builders homes and foundations. He coined the term to describe the difference. Essentially any differences in compareable site built homes were improvements in his True Modular™ Homes. Select standards are superior to any southern modular home in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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