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February 2020

Just wanted to let you know what an awesome job Anthony Tilley did with our project. He was courteous and helpful through the whole order process.

January 2020

Gary and his crew were there this morning and the fireplace is gorgeous. You have the best finishing crew in the whole world! Love all of them and they are soo freaking polite!
Thank you for always being there to help!

May 2019

From our family to yours and all your staff we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us! We are absolutely in love with our new home and it's everything we have ever dreamed of! Working with each and everyone one of you has been such a blessing. We could not have imagined this experience with anyone else! You all offer superior customer service each and every time we spoke! We are amazed at the turn around on this home you provided us! I know working in a 7 month time frame plus weather was not easy! Thank you Bob for getting us started answering all our silly questions and helping us get the house of our dreams in our budget! Kim thank you for all your hard work with paper work, questions, getting things scheduled and just calling to check in! Greg also thank you for all your hard work, working with us to make sure thing were done right and everything went as planned Atleast on our end! We appreciate each and everyone one of you! We all started out as strangers but to us we feel as y'all are apart of our family! We are looking forward to many many many years and memories made in our new home! We will definitely be recommending select homes to anyone we know! Thank y'all so much as well for the baby gifts we love them and they are very much appreciated! We hope everyone has a happy new year and we will check in from time to time.

March 2019
I have been in my home that was built by Select Homes since August 2016. For anyone that has never built a house, you need to know that there are always things that come up but, overall, the building process with Select was good. My home is constructed very well and I am very pleased with it. However, I think the most impressive thing about Select Homes is what I like to call the "after care" that I have received. Not only did they come out at the year mark to make any repairs but they came out any time I needed them before then. They always acted promptly to any of my needs. Even more impressive is that they have been out to my house this week to help me with something. Yes, almost 2 1/2 years later! Throughout the last 2 1/2 years, all I have had to do is email Kim Loflin (love her!) and ask advice about things and she is always prompt to respond and/or send people out here to look at or fix it. Things that most companies would say are not their responsibility. The owner, Bill, has even called me several times with advice as well. I just can't say enough about their customer service. I could go on and on but it's just too much to write here. Just know that this is a wonderful company with wonderful, caring people and you can't go wrong if you have them build your home.
Ronda W.

December 2018

I cannot thank you enough, and brag on Gary enough for coming out to my house and repairing the items I requested. Gary is a gem (as well as all of you with Select Homes). His work was excellent, and he is so cordial and interactive. Thanks for everything. If/when I build other houses, I will certainly talk with you first.
All my best and Happy New Year,

December 2018
Gary and his crew were there this morning and the fireplace is gorgeous. You have the best finishing crew in the whole world! Love all of them and they are soo freaking polite! Thank you for always beng there to help!
Merry Christmas if I don’t hear from you until after the holidays.:)

March 21, 2017
Hope everyone is doing well. I would like to thank both of you for providing a wonderful experience for me to buy my beautiful home. I am enjoying my home very much and so glad that I found Select Homes and the two of you that really made my experience delightful. One of my neighbors Russell and Sue Clark saw my home and were very impressed. I referred them to Mocksville site and to Bob.
Take Care,

March 2016 - Thank you for your for being so helpful. So far the customer service has been outstanding! That alone is enough for me to recommend Select Homes to others.
Have a great day,

BTW the set crew was absolutely awesome! Those men are class acts! Thoroughly great job! Professional and courteous and neat!! Awesome crew!!! Pass that along. :)

Hope everyone is doing well. I would like to thank both of you for providing a wonderful experience for me to buy my beautiful home. I am enjoying my home very much and so glad that I found Select Homes and the two of you (Bill & Kim) really made my experience delightful.
One of my neighbors saw my home and was very impressed. I referred them to Mocksville site and to Bob.
Take Care,

January 19, 2016
First of all I want you to know we love our new home. It was so nice to have everyone here for Christmas with so much room. I hope you, Billy and your family had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year. I have to say I love the floor plan. I would definitely refer anyone to buy a Select Home. I have lots of positive things to say and I really love my new home. I am so happy with the changes I made on the floor plan. I really think if you used this floor plan as a model whether it is a one story or two I think it would be a top seller! Thanks for all your help and for providing us a beautiful home.


January 2016
We wanted to say thanks for our dream home. Everything so far as exceeded our expectations, except the time delays which were not your companies fault. Y'all are the best. I appreciate Greg and the whole team that made our project come together. We had some issues, but Gary made them disappear! We couldn't be more pleased with the process, your attention to details, and the follow up. We will be glad to recommend Select Homes, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know that the guys came today to fix the things
at our home. Thank you so much for sending them. They
did a great job, fixed what needed to be fixed and cleaned up their mess.
When they left it looked as if they had never been there since they
cleaned up so well. We are well pleased in the job that was done for him
today. We also called Gary and told him that he still needs 1 more window
screen and Gary told us he would bring one by the next time he was in
the area. It is so nice to do business with a reliable company that stands behind
their homes and fixes what needs to be fixed. Thank you again so much.


December 15, 2014
We are so happy that we could purchase this home and had such great people to deal with. Everyone was so nice from sales to setting up and finishing. It was great to work with honest, dependable people. Thank you also for your patience with us as we pushed hard to get in by Christmas. You made that happen and we were so excited. Bobby and Barbara

Dear Bill,

I am so happy with my Select Home!  Still working on finishing painting a decorating (target paint completion is 11/1/14). I couldn't be happier!

Holly H.

Dear potential customer,

We purchased a modular home from Bob Loflin at Select Homes in Mocksville. After the home was set up a very competent team did a walk through with us and took careful notes about any problems or defects we found. The list was small and all items were corrected within a week. After many months the house developed a roof leak around a dormer and I reported it to the repair department at Select Homes, Inc.. It was repaired along with some minor water damage within a week. After a couple of years the same dormer developed another leak. We really had no hope that we could get it fixed without a lot of cost but Select sent a crew out and repaired it within 3 days. We were supposed to call them back and let them know if the leak was fixed but I just forgot to call. Again we had some water damage to the bedroom but I was so thankful that they fixed the leak with no argument at all I totally forgot about the water damage. Today they called me and asked if they could come back and repair the water damage. I was overwhelmed that anyone would even remember. The crew has just left our house and it the bedroom looks like the day we moved in. Even the best construction in the world can have problems but I have never dealt with a more professional group of people dedicated to customer service. In this day and time customer service is usually a joke, but the staff at Select Homes not only knows the meaning of the term, they make it work.

Our advice to you is, if you are going to purchase a home this is the place to do it.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the staff of Select Homes.

Randy Gilleland

Patricia Yelton

Hey Anthony!
Just wanted to let you know that Stephen and I are loving our new home. We are just now getting settled in and getting things together. We still have a lot of yard work to do and will be starting our deck in the Spring. Thanks so much for you help.

I wanted you to give me the exact date that we signed to agree to buy our house if you don't mind. I think we are going to get to qualify for the first time home buyer credit with our taxes and I needed that date.

Thanks again for everything! Hopefully in the Summer we can have a big party. We want to get our deck first.

Take care!

Stephen & Leia Crouse
Alleghany County

Dear Mr. Loflin,

On the behalf of Carol and me, we ask that you please accept our sincere and honest appreciation for a job well done. Your employee, Glenda Aiken, worked tireless to ensure that we receive the best help possible. Upon our very first arrival, we were greeted in a manner that was most impressionable.

We can honestly say, because of Glenda and other staff, we have possible three others considering looking at your homes. She exemplifies loyalty to her company, dedication and commitment to her customers. We applaud Select for knowing how to pick them. Truly God sent people.

We Praise God and Thank Select for making us two of the most happy people in the world.

Sincerely Yours,

Clyde J and Carol J. Smalls
New Home Owners


Dear Mr. Loflin:

I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I am very happy with my new Select Home. Before I chose a company, I did quite a bit of research. I found several unhappy customers due to poor service with other companies. I decided not to purchase a home from any of those companies. In my research, I found that Select Homes provided a good customer service and that was one of the major reasons why I chose your company.

I want to say without a doubt that the man you have working for you by the name of Howard Pierce is exceptional and that he gave us wonderful customer service. His work is a very vital part of your sales efforts. He went far beyond what one would expect from a regular service manager. Several times a week during the construction and completion of our home, he would call me to be sure that we were satisfied with what was being done. Often he would come over and meet me and go through the home to make lists of things that needed to be fixed. He kept expediting these items until they were completed to my satisfaction. Some things he wanted to fix even though I said I could live with them like they were.

The outstanding thing with Howard was how he kept in touch with us. In our business my wife and I travel extensively, both in the USA and overseas. We were traveling overseas a lot during the completion of our home. Two or three times a week he would e-mail us with a complete update on the progress of our home. We were amazed to have someone like Howard who went out of his way to keep us informed. It truly put our minds at ease to know he was here taking care of things for us.

I want to complement you on your customer service and especially on your hiring of such quality personnel as Howard. Continue to provide this type of service and your company will continue to grow and succeed. If you ever need a reference from a satisfied customer, I would be happy to provide it. Thank you for a job well done.


Wayne Dull


Dear Select,

Thank you again for a great experience in building my parents home! All of you are top notch and I look forward to future business with you ! There's no home like a "Select Home"! My Dad is making great progress with his cancer and can't wait to see his new home!
 Love to all
 Donya - Alleghany Co. (2 time homeowner)



Hi Bob ,

Love the house, Do try to stop by after the 1st of the year . I'll bring pictures of the home on one of my trips that way.
Donna - Lake Norman


Dear Select Homes Family,
Words are not adequate to express our appreciation for
the job well-done on our recently completed rear screened
porch and beautiful front porch additions to our house.

From the initial contact to the final handshake, both with
you and David Bray and ALL his people, the experience was
nothing but pleasurable!

Not only was EVERYTHING done with good quality materials &
workmanship but also the extra care taken to match the
additions to our house was clearly
"above and beyond".

Dale, Kim & Bill will remember how pleased we were with
the house 3 1/2 years ago. Please tell them we're (at least)
equally pleased with your job regarding the porch additions.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. and Mrs. Black


Dear Select Team,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how blessed
I feel to have had you as a process with our home....
Many Thanks

K.J. Newman


Dear Everyone that worked on our home:

Thank you. We love our house. It was so nice to watch every
step, meet all the work crews, which I will say are the most
professional group of people it was our fortune to encounter.
Also we were impressed by each group leaving no sign that they
had been there other than the completion of one more task.

Our house that burned 12-5-02 is still not finished and the
debri in yard or pod was incredible. So you can understand
how important your good work was to us. You could say it
rekindled our faith in mankind.

R. Crone


Dear Dale,

We bought a house from you last year, and have been living in it
for almost a year. We just wanted to tell you how impressed we are
with the service your company has given us.

The whole process of ordering our house and moving in took about
4 months-amazing! The whole house set-up went quickly and efficiently,
and the crews did a good job. We have had your crew out several
times for different service issues, and each time the service was
prompt and done well. Our experience with Select has been a positive
one--The service and quality of hte house are excellent, and we love
our new home. It is quite unlike a co-worker's experience, who got
much less house for the money, and who has been waiting for major things
to be fixed for over a year. I am glad we decided to go with Select,
a company that has been in the business for a long time, and who
obviously cares about making their customers happy.

We just wanted to thank you--and we will definitely recommend Select
to everyone.


Mr. and Mrs. L. Whitfield


Dear Select,

I wanted to write to let you know that my wife and I are very pleased
with our new home purchase from you and your staff. The entire
delivery,set-up and foundation construction process was trouble free.
I found communicating with your project manager and office personal over the phone
to be a very pleasant experience. Every time they said they would
call me back, they did. I found the whole process straight forward
with no surprises. Other than dealing with the County Inspector, I
would have to say the entire process from delivery to set-up went
better than I ever expected. The house came as we ordered and after
painting the bedrooms and adding ceiling fans, and a small deck, we
officially moved in and spent our first night in our new home
on August 1st. I have checked the house over as much as possible and
have found no problems.

We also want to thank you for the House Warming Gift and the card.
We will be glad to show our home to potential homebuyers and
will recommend you and your staff to others. Enclosed aare some pictures
of our house. Thanks again for a pleasant house buying experience
and please thank your project manager for all his hard work and excellent
communications during the set-up process.


Mr. and Mrs. D. Clouse



Thank you so much for all your kindess to helping us get our home,
we are so excited to have something of our own, an dvery pleased
that we chose Select Homes.

Thanks again!

I. Crystal & Z. Matney


Your special kindness was greatly appreciated-thanks so very much to
all of you for all your help, and kindness. We appreciate everyone
of you being helpful in getting our new home. All the crews from the
foundation to the finish were very kind, and professional. We are
enjoying our off-frame modular very much.

Again thank you,

Mr. and Mrs. Bollins


Dear Select,

Marc and I just wanted to tell you "Thank You" for the fine job your
company has done in putting up our house and the excellent product
you produce.

We are especially impressed with our project coordinator. He
reponsded immediately to our needs and our questions. He kept the
ball rolling beautifully. Also the efficiency of your crew in
erecting the house was amazing. I took two whole rolls of film of
the procedure.

We are excited about our retreat center and natural health clinic.
Marc is seeing a full day of patients tomorrow! Please come see us.

M. Wienand and M.Dworkin


Dear Select Homes,

I wanted to let you know that we received the check in today's mail
Thank you for sending the refund to us. Also, someone
from Baymont called my sister this afternoon, she is going to meet
him at the house tomorrow so he can look at the tub, and hopefully
repair it by re-glazing all the holes and cracks in the tub. Again,
thank you for your help in this regard.

Too often companies wipe their hands after the deal is complete, I was lucky when I chose Select, as everyone has stood by their word.

Thank you to all of you.


G.K. DiVincenzo


Dear Select Homes,

It has been two years now since we bought our home from Select, and a
few more have moved into our development, and one has made me appreciate the way Select took care of everything. From the time we made our down payment we were in our home within two months. Our neighbor's decide not to buy from you, because the competitor appeared to do a few more things than Select offered. Well they sure did. When Select employees left our home for the last time, on their way out, they mopped my floors! I
arrived just as they were leaving and had to wait for them to dry.
Boy was I impressed! The neighbors had to shampoo mud out of their
carpet. We were called and notified each time something was going on
with our home. I liked that never had to guess when something was going
to be done. We were told before it happened. As the house settled,
you know how you get some cracks in the molding joints, I called and
they were here within a couple of days, and repaired all of them.
They even took their shoes off before they came in! The neighbors home
took almost seven months to set up. Then they didn't hook up the plumbing
vents, they were just not hooked up. When the lights were cut on, the
smoke detectors went off. They had cut the rafters in the attic to short,
and left them like that! And when the house finally passed inspection,
the family moved in and went to take a bath. Hot water was not even
plumbed to the showers!! I have not listed all the problems they had
with this company, it would take several pages. We went and looked
at the competitors homes, but your peoples personality, and the
deal we were offered was the reason we went with Select. And two years
later we still are happy with our decision. They only problem I have
is where did you get this carpet? I have spilled a half a gallon of
brown paint on it, my granddaughter spilt Cherry drink on it, and
with a little bit of soap and water it all wiped right out with no
stains left!! Now how am I supposed to get hardwood floors if you
can't wear the stuff out!! It still looks brand new, and I got the
beige so I could get the wood floors pretty fast. I even like the
carpet, there are no paths wore down from the constant traffic areas.
Cleans easy. You would think it was just put down. I made the deal
that when it wore out, then I could get wood flooring. Looks like
it will be several more years, before that will happen. I just wanted
to write you a note, to let you know how much we appreciate all Select
did to get us in our home, as quickly as they did and trouble free.
It was a pleasant experience and if we ever sale this house. We will
be back for another Select Home. Unless we decide to live in one on
wheels. Al has taken a liken to camping! Have a great day guys!

Truly Blest,



Dear Select,

We wanted to say thank you to you for making our dreams come true.
Thanks for looking out for us & returning all the phone calls.
We are very happy with our new home. When we get a picture we would
like to send you one.

Thanks again!!!

K and D Farmer

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